July 22, 2024


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English is the queen of business

English is the queen of business

As we have known for a long time, English has established itself as an international reference language. So are entrepreneurs, politicians Just like people This language is a basis for working on the import or export of goods and values.

The language still provides the power to communicate with Russian businessmen, such as interviewing Chinese entrepreneurs or referring to California tourist destinations in Paris.

The world economy then offers the privilege of having a universal language derived from luxury and strength, power and presence.

Because yes, today, Shakespeare’s language rules the earth and the economy … but beware, ambitious languages ​​are approaching … we reveal everything to you, follow us …

English remains king

Speaking first in England and Great Britain, English (which is a descendant of Old French, we want to remind people) then destroyed all the little Celtic expressions in the neighborhood.

Moreover, the English language has swelled in power over the past centuries, albeit in alliance with the Commonwealth countries (salute Australia) with colonialism in Asia (India) or North America.

Effective industrialization

In addition, with the most important industrialization in Great Britain and the United States, this language has proven to be the leader in business all over the world.

Anyone who wants to interact with distant foreigners to grow their business should learn English.

If you have always been interested in English, here This guide to learning English We hope this will be of great help to you.

It will also be interesting to see the continuation of this language as its former English colonial nations develop further and further in the future.

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However, we are heading towards economic shock in the most effective languages ​​in business …

Mandarin is coming into effect

Yes, because if English is the leader, the Mandarin The future is coming with so much excitement and so much hope.

The most widely spoken language in China (1 billion native speakers anyway) has become the industry of the world.

The vast majority of the products we consume daily are made in China.

Companies-like towers are growing day by day in this great Asian country.

Today, if the big Chinese entrepreneurs succeed in communicating in English, it is necessary to double the awareness that when China is the world market leader, there will be no question of Xi Jinping speaking eternal English in the Chinese economic and business world.

What is Russia?

As for the Russian spoken and understood by more than 250 million people in the world, if we take into account all the countries of the former Soviet Union, it is interesting to learn that the future Eurasian economic axis is approaching but will not be the leader tomorrow morning, let it be clear. However, in the future China-Japan-Korea-Russia economic hub will be a real plus for speaking and understanding this Slavic language.

Global warming is also at risk. In fact, with much of the Arctic in its territory, Russia can be seen giving investors and builders everywhere to build on these lands. Economically, we know that this will be a big project and will bring a lot of benefits to Russia. Didn’t know they would speak English to communicate for a long time …

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Moliere’s language in all of this

As for our old Old French, the Moliere language is also spoken around the world.

Unfortunately, outside of France, French-speaking Switzerland and Quebec, French speakers often come from developing areas. Until these areas are developed compared to Western countries, French will not have the typing power compared to English or Mandarin.


Business and economic situation, this is a war of languages, you will understand it.

Today, it is true that English is still popular all over the world.

However, the British Crown must rely on the strong growth of its English-speaking African nations, which can defeat the power of Mandarin, the language of China, and is ready to destroy everything in its path.

As for the Russian, Dostoevsky’s language will have a card to play with, counting its 250 million speakers, but more than the potential Eurasian axis in tomorrow’s business.

As for the French, to weigh the balance of the most powerful languages ​​in the world, it must not believe an industrial explosion in French-speaking Africa or be a real start-up country … we still have work to do

English is the queen in terms of language exchanges, but its Asian rival is ready to take anything on its path … see!