June 18, 2024


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English lessons in their original version for 200 students from the Cruise region

Today’s lesson is about the royal family. CE2-CM1-CM2 students get involved in sports very quickly, and like them, about 200 students from Cruise benefit from English lessons. Thai language speaker. Warwick Clifton takes class three hours a week to teach classic language lessons, but: “We had cooking sessions, Explains the origins of Nottingham. Students smashed fish and chips and apples with me. The cooking tips were definitely in English. “

A “very positive” rating

On his side, the teacher starts again and sometimes translates for students. Myrtille Le Forestier Clement appreciates these courses Couple : “This is great because he has an accent I can’t express like him. And it is natural, there is a flow of English, which allows you to immerse yourself in one of the real linguistic baths within the classroom.

Launched in 2019 and for three years, these courses have been a part of Special plan for the cruise. The device is now coming to an end, and on the study side, we consider the results to be very satisfactory, as far as the province is concerned. “We see the difference when students come in sixth grade“, Assures Virginia Lefebvre, inspector of the academy.

For its part, the provincial council has planned Continue and extend Device.

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