June 19, 2024


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English newspapers accuse France of “leaving it”

The day after a boat sank near Calais on Wednesday, killing 27 people, English tabloids published a photo of immigrants preparing to set sail in a zodiac sign under the eyes of French police officers.

This photo spread in the front pages of many English newspapers this Thursday. Following the deaths of 27 immigrants trying to cross the Channel into the United Kingdom, many British tabloids chose to describe the tragedy with the same clich.

In the picture taken by photographer Gonzalo Fuentes for the Reuters agency, several immigrants take a boat on a beach and are ready to cross the channel. In the background is a French police car.

“Why didn’t France stop them?”

As reported Le Picaro, A photo posted by Reuters on Wednesday at Wimereux (Pas-de-Calais) beach. His photographer confirms LCI It was carried out in the morning. This is not about a wrecked boat from the galley: Step Le Picaro The team was able to reach the British coast after being rescued by rescuers, citing the Reuters agency.

“Why didn’t France stop them?” That’s what the tabloid asks Metro. “The French police did nothing when a new boat left for the United Kingdom,” he writes. Daily Express, At the same time The Daily Mail France accuses kidnappers of “not letting up”. “Shame”, simply abbreviated The sun.

A complex intervention

However, behind these glamorous topics, the context is slightly different. Several sources point out that BFMTV does not need police intervention and warns about the optical effect of the photo. Because the snapshot was so deeply separated, the police pickup would not have been close enough for the group of immigrants to appear.

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The union source said there were only two agents in the vehicle and there was not enough number to intervene at this precise moment. Especially since there may be armed kidnappers. The launch is only a few minutes and the arrival of reinforcements is very late.

Once the boat is thrown into the sea, the police cannot intervene. But here again, the intervention of rescuers and the Navy is not easy, especially since there is a risk of sinking.

Between January 1 and November 20, 31,500 migrants left the coast and 7,800 were rescued. According to London, 25,700 migrants passed through the first ten months of the year. Before this sinking, the human population was three dead and four missing in 2021, six dead and three missing in 2020.

Benjamin Reith Journalist BFM excerpts