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Meet Spencer Stone, the musician who revived the English

Meet Spencer Stone, the musician who revived the English

The Englishman from Nashville, a recognized master of the art of pedal steel, has released a sensitive debut solo album combining his teenage passions from the soft machine to the German cradrock scene. As a bonus, the artist’s playlist created for “Les Inrocks”. Meet.

The long fall fits in well with the music of Spencer Gullam. However, Britain is a busy man, and although very busy, he is enough to postpone our interview again and again. After several failed encounters, he finally found time to talk to us in early September, resting his butt in a park in Memphis, where he recorded a recording with the local country-soul group at the legendary Argent Studio. , On Madison Avenue: “This is where Big Star recorded his albums. He meets us from the screen of his smartphone. I’m a huge star fan! ”

Based in Nashville, a stone’s throw away, for ten years, Spencer has been living his American dream of becoming the most sought after pedal steel player in the show business. Music fraud. Nashville Music City, as they say there, this whole American way, turning every tradition into an amusement park or NBA right. “Nashville cats play more hints than ants on Tennessee anthill”, Sang those Assamese of Lowe’s Spoonful, who are there rubbing, stabbing them. If so, Superstar, Spencer Pot? He laughs: “I don’t think it’s the right word to talk about a guy you see only behind the stage, behind the drummer.”.

Mr. Cool

All of the change was found to be triggering Spencer Gullamin Coinage, The first solo album in the form of a jukebox, makes a connection between the space-opera experiments of stylism (the duo of Morikon hit by Dick Tale with Jeremy Fetzer), his career as a musician in the lush countryside of Essex, England And Progressive Seventies Folk-Rock Listening Childhood Sessions and Painful Memories: “It’s a way for these artists to take my hat off, He continues. When you are a musician in Nashville, you are part of a well oiled machine, you are taught a basic formula, well built. These guys, Kevin Ayers or Robert Wyatt, were in the whole experiment and they didn’t want to recreate a recipe. With this record, deviation from the rule is no longer a problem ”.

At home, Spencer’s mother plays a painter, Talking Heads and The Beatles, while his truck driver’s father is a countryman. But it was his brother who introduced him to music training, with which he plays. Angie Des Stones, “The first song I learned to read”, He thinks he remembers. Many years later, through the teaching of Brian John Cole, British pedal steel Mozart PJ Cole, who often met both Elton John and the heroes of the Humble by Stage Blues, said he perfected his art, thus making Hawaii dull. Together with Jonathan Wilson, Dolly Barton and pop star Kesha run the business that takes him on the road or in the studio: “Four years ago I spent a lot of time touring with other musicians, and I think reading music that affected me and listening to what I heard as a teenager kept coming back to me. Stepping steel became a job, I felt a vacuum, I missed the English countryside.” He promises.


Nashville Cats

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He then decides to record an album under his own name: “Presenting like this was terrifying, I felt like I was playing in the shadows in my organs for so many years. He describes. But I found a form of vulnerability. I think the best posts are borrowed from this kind of sensitivity and a certain kind of innocence.. Spencer is not returning to England, hoping to set a record “Made in Nashville, with Nashville’s musicians, but it’s not like a drive designed for Nashville.”, All led by sound engineer Jeremy Ferguson, among others, producer of Lampsapp’s latest albums. He also met the voices of polyphonic, Spencer Callum’s Coin Collection, Caitlin Rose, Erin Ray, Annie Williams or good old Herman Toon many years ago, for whom he sometimes plays pedal steel.

The album is a small masterpiece that will not remove the vintage patina at the time. Here, each choir finds its place in the humble structure of the whole arrangement, each reflection of the voice or echo, transforming it into a larger, more sensitive and harmonious whole style. Pink Floyd Paintbox (Fall into pieces), kraut digressions à la Neu! (Dietrich Buxtehude) Or asymmetric spleen Robert Fripp and Robert Wyatt (already cult) My protector) Here’s someone who came out of the shadows and acted better to give shape to his teenage fantasies.

Album: Spencer Gullamin Coinage (Full Time Entertainment / PIAS)

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