June 16, 2024


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English or Welsh? Football Club within the boundaries of the Govt Rules

Should he follow the anti-English Govt rules or the more stringent rules in Wales? A small football club in Chester, located between two British nations, says its survival depends on it.

The city of Chester is located in northwestern England directly opposite Wales. But the location of the Chester FC football club worries him a lot: if its entrance and headquarters are in England, the ground on the other side is in Wales …

Ground in Wales, Gateway to the Ground in England

In the UK, despite the prevalence of the Omigron variant, clubs can continue to accommodate a larger audience. In contrast, a Welsh executive last month ordered matches to be played behind closed doors to deal with a corona virus outbreak that has killed more than 150,000 people across the country, as in Scotland. In the UK, local governments set their own health policies.

“It could be the end of the club”

The club welcomed more than 2,000 spectators in two home matches on December 28 and January 2. But police have warned him that if he opens the doors to the public again at his next home game on Saturday, it would be a violation of Welsh law. “The whole future of the club may be threatened. There is no financial support for English clubs playing behind closed doors at this time.”, Chester President Andy Morris was concerned with the PA news agency. “It could be the end of the club”.

Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said officials would find this important issue “A Reasonable and Practical Solution”. This is not the first time that rules relating to Govt have caused some confusion in the UK.

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Last year, already …

By October 2020, most of the residents of Nighton, a small town south of Chester, were under very strict lockout under the rules then in force in Wales. But residents living around Nightingale Station across the Dem River in England were free to roam, much to the chagrin of locals. “What’s the point of behaving like four different countries?” We are a country! “, Said Douglas Rumble, who lives on the English side.

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