May 26, 2024


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Sergio Rico, two English clubs would have inquired

Sergio Rico, a 28-year-old goalkeeper under contract until 2024, is one of the Paris Saint-Germain players announced to be out this winter. Except that it is difficult to find a trail. However, the RCD is expected to arrive this week amid ongoing negotiations for a loan to Mallorca (15th in the league). The talks were confirmed by Bruno Solomon, a journalist, on Wednesday Le France Blue Paris, In addition to 2 English clubs.

Nothing is impossible, especially since this journalist is generally credible. The name of the English club is not mentioned, one might suspect that it is not a starting point for a team that is in the first rankings. But there may be some better opportunities, especially when compared to the No. 3 character with no playing time.

Even if nothing is resolved, there is still hope that a deal is possible for Rico. So we have to be patient for more concrete things.

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