May 26, 2024


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English sparkling wines think big

English winemakers rub their hands and think big: their sparkling white wines make everyone angry.

Sales are up 11% between 2015 and 2020, and many experts have compared the blind taste sessions Sparkling wines from Kent to French champagne.

Jonathan White, Marketing Manager at Gusborne, an English winemaker: “We have noted an renewed interest from abroad in recent years; The media and wine critics speak very positively of us. A decade ago only two or three wines were known outside the UK. Now there are many more.

Kent vines are less sunny than champagne vines, but they grow well in the soil. Lime.

As Temperature, Global warming may have brought the climate of southeastern England closer to the climate of champagne a few years ago.

Anne McHale, Oncologist: “During the growing season of the vine, the average temperature in the south of England will be the same as champagne a few decades ago. Champagne growers see potential in the lands of southern England.

However the climate in Kent is a bit cooler than champagne and oncologists, and here’s the secret of the difference: English sparkling wines are cooler, slightly acidic, while champagne has more generous fruit.

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