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Adele reunites with her life-changing English teacher, she cries

On the show An Audience with Adele, the British singer spoke about an English teacher who inspired her. Except the author was in the audience! A moving surprise for Adele to immediately shed tears.

When His album 30 Now released, Adele Each time he meticulously chooses his media look to create the event. After the cover of the Valuables Vogue British, and famous and sharp title Face, As well as a TV interviewOprah Winfrey (And one Boat maintenance by Leah Salem in France Inter To France), now the singer offers a sewing project for himself.

A spectator with Adele: an emotional show that surprises the singer

Baptized An observer with Adele (Read: An audition with Adele), the show aired on ITV on November 21, 2021 and was recorded live on stage at the London Palladium. Were in the room Family, friends, celebrities, etc. Idris Elba | And Emma Watson, And of course many fans.

Between the two songs, Adele took the time to answer questions from the crowd. In which, to the question ” If an ex wrote a song about you, how would it be “, An answer similar to Adele’s:” That would be titled There is no one like you (comprendre: [Il n’existe] There is no one like you. ” Someone like you, Or “someone like you”)

Adele sings the praises of an English teacher who inspired her as a child

In the audience, the actress Emma Thompson She asked if there was anyone who had inspired her to face the trials of life in her childhood and trust her. To which Adele replied:

“I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove who taught me English. It was Mrs. McDonald’s. I only kept it for a year, but She was very interested in literature for me. I have always had a passion for English ever since [en tant que matière scolaire], And from today I am writing the lyrics. […]

She was so cool. So much commitment. She was interested in us and made us realize that she really cared about us. She always wore bracelets, gold, sequins. She was so cool, approachable and personable, I was always eager to learn English! “

The whole emotional sequence. Prepare handkerchiefs. © ITV.

“Thank you, you really changed my life,” Adele told her former teacher

Emma Thompson leaves a mysterious silence when Adele stops singing the praises of her former Anglican teacher whom she has not seen since she was twelve.

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Obviously, in the codes TV, Like Adele and the rest of the audience who start screaming impatiently, we tell ourselves that a surprise is developing. Adele asks the teacher in the crowd: “ Is she here? Mrs. McDonald’s?

Immediately, the Author He got up to hug her on stage with her. The two women show their respective affection and tenderness by crying at each other, forming an emotional line as to how much we love them.

When Adele recognizes her English teacher in the audience of the show On Audience with Adele. © ITV.

Hear Adele cry ” Thank you you really changed my life Maybe give it back to his English teacher A little shine to a teacher’s beautiful work, Is socially very low and economically underestimated in France.

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Image Credit: UTV Screenshot.