May 30, 2024


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“Cupid and Death”: A happy English “mask” is resurrected in a can

Last week, at a movie theater in Cannes, Sebastien Toss and his ensemble revived the English “mask” Cupid and Death. This hybrid genre of the 17th century, mixed with song and comedy, goes from burlesque to extreme.

What you’ve going to see tonight is a piece of music, but it’s not opera “. From the beginning Cupid and death, The tone is set. We do not know, or do not know what we are going to see. The set, the theater, the music, the opera are all there, yet the results are different. This is what makes me happy Sebastien Toss, LedCompetition package, Which gives us this particular category: ” It’s primarily a comedy, a play, but in contrast to what Lully and Moliere can do in their play and music classification, the results the Englishmen with the mask receive are completely different. So the form was very interesting to me, and there is only one mask we have all the music and all the libretto. So finally this choice was imposed on itself .

Everyone participates in everything

This Mask, Its Cupid and death. It tells the story of Cupid and death, whose arrows were traded in a restaurant. As a result of this exchange, transgender people die and the hearts of the elderly burn in the fire. All in a very energetic arena where everyone participates like Meso Soprano Lucille Richardott : Everyone participates in everything as an instrumentalist, singer, actor, technician. We even have a stage manager who finds himself simulating himself, poor, risking his life and spine. We all handle the lights that rotate around the set, then the instrumentalists comedic interventions, Chinese shadows … this is a very professional show.


At the head of the stage, we see a couple, Emily Wilson And Jose Hoban. They were the ones who decided to revive a whole group of actors, composers, singers and technicians and evolve on stage. ” It was a serious job, it was a big bet, it was a challenge to imagine how this fun thing would happen on stage. But we are always interested in challenges and we like it “Emily Wilson says. Next to him, Jose Hoopen nods: “It was dizzy because there are so many of them, sometimes I said to myself ‘there are a lot of people on stage, the scenery is disappearing.’ We got to know each other better. “

Cupid, cardboard monkeys, inspired by Tim Burton, listen to 10-second singers and if you want to see it all in mobile box shows, the show will be presented at the Theatre de la Adenie in Paris from Thursday. Tour around France.