June 25, 2024


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Ants: “Netflix” that allows you to learn English for teens

It was almost like a “key note”, these high weights arranged by Apple at every new iPhone release. Last Thursday at Ecomusée, the Corentin and Clotaire Marmignon brothers from Berlin, near Aulnoye-Aymeries, submitted an application for “E-dutainment by the Marmignon Brothers” in front of an audience of selected officers and teachers.

From Permont to Hollywood Studios

France is the most synonymous country in Europe and, conversely, the country with the worst population in English.“, They mention in the introduction of their ideas. For good reason, with us, the films are released in theaters dubbed in French. So their idea: to broadcast movies in their original version through a video-on-demand application like Netflix to help people learn the language of Shakespeare.

In 2017, the two Pearlymontoys formed their own company and received very quick help from Formi’s mayor, Michael Hirox, who has been in contact with a number of elected officials and companies. Two years later, in 2019, they signed a joint venture with some of the largest studios on the planet: Sony, Paramount, MGM and Universal. Because both Northerners have their entries in Hollywood. They did an internship there when they were students at a business school. They have worked with the production of successful series California And The Walking Dead, Or Saga Harry Potter.

These partnerships allow the latest big movies to be integrated into their app list. “Four months after its theatrical release“In addition, the training tools provided by their site are already used in 96 colleges across France, but also by companies, adults in training, etc. During the introduction of e-dutainment to the general public this year, Hollywood actor Mike Golder, who appeared in several films in the Marvel universe, appeared in their ad.

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2000 licenses

Today, the “Marmignon Brothers” want to reshape their application for new, younger audiences. Naturally at Formis they decided to experiment. The city has purchased 2,000 licenses for all its middle and high school students and ants studying outside the municipality.

Meetings will be arranged with English teachers from all schools next month. These make it possible to modify licenses to suit the needs of the authors. Purpose “Find themes and content that students likeThe Youth Edition should be ready by January 2022.

We are not here to change English teachers, Corentin and Clotaire mouse. The application will come in addition to school time.“The site offers tutorials to ensure that learning English is not viewed as a job”In principle of the game“In other words, in e-dutainment, we will replace the zero indicated by a”.The game is over“Very low motivation. After all, after a few days you can always try your luck.

For teachers, the interface with artificial intelligence allows you to create case studies and questionnaires in just a few clicks. “You can track the progress of your classes in comprehension, grammar and overall knowledge in real time. […] The next update will allow you to work on the accent.

In the future, the Marmignon brothers want to continue to improve their site by converting it to elementary school children. “We are already starting to air some cartoons.Mickaël Hiraux says it is ready to make Fourmies the first city to enjoy it once again.

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