June 18, 2024


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Should compensation be provided for ski resorts that are generally overcrowded with Englishmen?

The English will miss the ecosystem of many ski resorts this Christmas. Since Saturday, French borders have been closed to those living in the UK who have no compulsory cause, including those who have been vaccinated, to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant.

Millions of Britons have lost their vacations in France. The impact felt at the ski resorts that many people sometimes come to enjoy the snow.

The start of the season was unbelievably good, with one-third of the average customers of these so-called “English” resorts such as Tignes, Méribel, Alpe-d’Huez being British. So don’t come this Christmas.

The most expensive customer to fill stations in January when the French return to work

Bruno Fidel, owner, restaurant and mayor of Prides-less-Paines, detained:

“Rooms 20-25 suddenly fell apart. Staff have already been hired. Stocks have been bought … guaranteed not to be profitable. This worries me a lot. Can keep jobs today.”

Some tour operators in Val d’Isère work exclusively with the English. They marginalize themselves. A shortage of all the merchants who come to fill the stations in January, which will require more spending customers and the French will return to work.

“In contacts, promotions you can do whatever you want … we can’t compensate”

Some of these stations should help, argues Jean-Luc Boch, a representative of the French stations:

“Many tens of thousands of people are canceling. Unfortunately, you can do whatever you want in contacts and promotions … something that has been arranged for months can not be compensated for in a few days. It is very difficult not to worry.”

He is currently in talks with the government to provide compensation. In a letter to the Minister of Tourism this weekend, Savoy called for a “new emergency meeting” during the week, when senators called for “urgent action.”

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