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Camara discusses with an English club, Louis Henrik, touches Mandonda 3 3m news for this Monday!

Camara discusses with an English club, Louis Henrik, touches Mandonda 3 3m news for this Monday!

Like every evening, FCM delivers you 3 OM news of the day! On this Monday’s show: Camara talks to an English club, Louis Henrique touches Montanda …

Boubacar Kamara is free next June, and with more time to go, the possibility of an extension will disappear. The club-trained midfielder could join the Premier League at the end of his contract …

Boubacar Kamara of Olympique de Marseille during the UEFA Europa League Group E match between Lazio and Olympique de Marseille at the Stadio Olympico in Rome, Italy on 21 October 2021. Photo by Giuseppe Maffia.
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Out of the UK!

Photo by Icon Sport – Boubacar Camera – Studio Olympico – Rome (Italy)

In fact, according to Spanish media El Nacional, Manchester United’s new coach Ralph Ronnick has ticked off the camera’s name following Paul Pogba’s departure. Negotiations between the two sides are also progressing and the English club will see an agreement in January. If so, the player will join the Red Devils after 6 months without a transfer fee

The Olympian leader confirmed in an interview with the team that he had offered various privileges to the young man. Discussions are ongoing …

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I would like to extend Camara – Longoria

“The talks have been open for a long time and have intensified recently. This is an important asset to the club and I hope it continues. But there is not only one side to the negotiation, it must be the public will. Football is changing. Twenty years ago, clubs had extraordinary power over players. In recent years, we have moved to football, where players have gained more power. (…) We proposed different formulas to find a model in which each would feel ready to thrive and continue. To say that you have given maximum opportunity in negotiation is not respectful with the other party. There is a match, the ball is in the middle of the field and everyone has to do their part. Pablo Longoria – Source: L’Equipe (12/07/2021)

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Journalist Denise Balbir published an article on the Butt Football Club website. He did not like things changing in Kamara’s case. According to him, the child has a very negative behavior, while he does not prove anything in the game.

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“At the moment, a lot of players are far from meeting expectations in Marseille. Against Brest, Konrad De La Fuente is not yet satisfied with us. Then the Bobacar Kamara case will soon become a problem. He’s definitely not a bad player at OM, but he’s not proven anything yet, so Let me avoid press conferences … This kind of behavior annoys me. Camara is a good player, but not Zidane or Platini. Some really need to come to earth… ” Denise Balbir – Source: But football club

In trouble since his arrival at the 2020 Olympic de Marseille, Louis Henrique has struggled to establish himself as an undeniable holder on the staff of George Sampoli. The departure for debt may be considered this winter.

Louis Henrik

Louis Henrique – Marseille Ligu1

One of the most complex players since he came to OM. Luis Henrique was unable to establish himself as an undeniable holder from his first minutes at Marseille Tunic. Brazilian striker Jorge Sambavoli, who arrived from Podafogo in the summer of 2020 for மில்லியன் 8 million, is battling to find a place in the squad. If he had scored his first goal with OM against ES Cannet-Rocheville yesterday afternoon, the Brazilian would often have been blocked by competition with Konrad De La Fuente.

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According to information revealed by the media Torcedores.com, OM would like to give credit to Louis Henrik so he can win the time he is playing and he is tough on another team. If Botafogo is interested in returning his former player, other teams will closely follow his profile. According to the Brazilian media, both Jenk and Fiorentina are interested in borrowing from Louis Henrique for the next six months. Credit that allows him to gain experience.

The level at which we need to be sharp and decisive – Sambavoli

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At a press conference, George Sambavoli acknowledged the ability of Luis Henrique and his other players in the field of attack. The Argentine technician, however, criticizes the performance of his wingers, which are close to opposite cages.

“We have young people with many talents and futures like Conrad (de la Fuente) or Luis (Henrik). We also have Amin Harid who played as a left wing player. This is the level at which you need to be sharp and decisive. We need more performance in the last third. We may not yet coordinate what we want to do. We are not determined enough when approaching the goal. This is a position that needs to be sharpened in statistics. At this point we need performance, and in the last three we have not integrated this enough. George Sampoli – Source: Press Conference (12/17/2021)

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In the Coupe de France against Canet Rocheville, Jorge Sampoli decided to field Steve Montanta as goalkeeper. Why did the Argentine coach break this cycle …

Marseille’s Steve Montanda during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Marseille and Saint Etienne on August 28, 2021 at the Orange Velotrome in Marseille, France. (Photo by Johnny Fidelin / Icon Sport) – Orange Velotrome – Marseille (France)

Sambavoli believes he will continue to play for these two goalkeepers, Mandanda and Lopez. The former player has played in 4 Ligue 1 matches, while the Spanish goalkeeper has played in 13 matches.

We maintain a cycle between the goalkeepers so that each of them has time to play – Sambali

“We have a cycle between the goalkeepers so they each have time to play. At this point, it’s Steve’s. Jean Charles de Bono – Source: Press Conference (19/12/2021)

At a press conference, coach George Sambavoli praised the amateur’s proposed approach and game!

They fought to the end, did not give up – samba sound

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“This desire to play Velostrum with great enthusiasm fascinated and amazed me a lot,” George Sambavoli announced at a press conference. I recognize the choice of this game, beyond the difference in the level of this important option. They fought to the end, not giving up. This “amateur” mood should make them very happy and greet them. In the first half, we had little depth against a well-established team. But we reacted well, we came back well, especially with one more player, Sambavoli responded. Against a lesser player over time, we got more opportunities. We have been lacking in talent lately, but tonight Arak Milik scored three goals, which was important to him. The goal of Louis Henrik is also important. ” George Sampoli – Source: Press Conference (12/19/21)