June 17, 2024


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A patient has a shell in the rectum: English hospital war

CAnd WWII bombs were found in a completely unexpected place. Wednesday 1There is In December, rescuers brought a man with a rectal shell to the Royal Hospital in Gloucestershire in the west of England. Police and Military deminers They went to the scene for fear of further explosion. However, the projectile was removed by doctors before they arrived.

“The object was removed before the police arrived and contacted the demining service. They went there and confirmed that it was not loaded and therefore did not pose any danger to the public, ”police said in a statement.

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The patient appeals to the incident

The tabloid quoted The sun, The first to report this incredible accident, a safety source described the tank resistance shell as a large, sharp lead, 17 by 6 centimeters. The sun, The patient, who was anonymous, told doctors he had “slipped” in the cannon shell. The incident is said to have taken place while civilians were collecting military supplies. The British Army and the hospital have confirmed that demining equipment was sent to the scene.

“As with any incident involving ammunition, relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure there was no danger to patients, staff or visitors at any time,” the agency’s spokesman said. The The sun He clarified that the patient was discharged from the hospital for continued recovery.