June 17, 2024


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Learn English with personal support with MEANZ

Are you a professional and English is an important tool in your career development? Haven’t you started online videos or apps? The MEANZ Training Center delivers precisely personalized learning in full immersion for professionals. Descriptions.

Made-to-extent. In a sense, this is the goal of the MEANZ Training Center, which is a partner of the University of Paris 13 and Sorbonne, Datadocké and Certified Qualiopi. For them, the key to learning English successfully is, above all, a good means.

For many, the best way to achieve the level of professional English is only possible in full immersion. Can you say that the only way is to go to an English speaking country?

Well, the general manager of the MEANZ Training Center, Lone Amoso, does not have to answer you. With a pattern inspired by an American perspective, personalized support is their watchword.

“At MEANZ, the learner is king. His training is personalized training that fits his needs as closely as possible.

But, how to achieve the set goals with complete peace of mind? At a distance or face to face, the learner goes individually. Modular and adaptable, tailored to the learner’s educational, professional and personal needs. Therefore, problems are defined before learning can be improved.

Three diagnoses are made throughout the training to gradually adjust the content of the training.

Partnership with “360 Golden Glass” for 2022

Supporting business leaders and future managers in the development of their careers is provided by the 360 ​​Golden Glass concept with a specific business-centric plan.

“The Key to Succeeding Your Business in English” is a training class available by registering on the site starting January 1, 2022. https://meanz.fr. The idea of ​​this project is to provide professionals with the keys to developing the skills needed to improve their careers.

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Tailor support with Lone Amoso

Over the past 20 years, being fluent in English has established itself as an essential skill in the world of work required for many professional projects. In addition to the “Special Business English” program run primarily by Amaladas Palmer (an expert in English business at Sorbonne) and Anik St-PIERRE (finalist and voice expert on The Voice 2021), MEANZ Director Lone Amoso ​​offers personalized support focusing on the following three professional categories: Propose:

  • Department of Entrepreneurial Programs,
  • How to set up business strategies,
  • Audiovisual product.

Thanks to his career, Lone Amoso ​​has to say that he goes between 2 cultures that speak English and speak French. :

‘A deep understanding of these 2 cultures (as well as my linguistic background in Sorbonne) allowed me to set up a unique and innovative way of providing a “quick bridge” between 2 languages.’

Here again, after determining your expectations, your needs and especially your projects, the General Manager of MEANZ advises you on studies, field studies, surveys, etc. about the risks and benefits of your industry.

Rather than language training, this program aims to fully support a project leader.

If you do not speak English, go for it!

This content was created in association with MEANZ. The editorial staff of the BFM business did not participate in the production of this content.

In conjunction with MEANZ