April 17, 2024


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Dear reader, you may have a computer engineering degree in your pocket and you are looking for a job. In France or abroad, you will soon be attacked by barbaric English words. They are often used in meetings or on Linkedin, so those who use them will feel important. But don’t worry, Uncle Factor is here to translate them for you.

5G : Depending on the provider and you, it can be generated in 4G millimeter waves. In the second case, if you are in front of the antenna and not too far away, the weather is nice and you have your phone at arm’s length, you may have significant flow.

Agility : The bureaucratic dream of dividing your tasks into sub-tasks through an app like Trello aims to destroy all creativity.

To (Artificial Intelligence): A c-word that covers everything directly or indirectly related to image analysis, voice recognition, machine learning, bots and more.

Angle: Web development framework that prompts you to learn a new language and write three-tone code for basic DOM manipulations. Created by Google.

AWS (Amazon Web Services): A collection of cloud computing services provided by Amazon with such vague names There is a dictionary in this category.

Automation : To debug the previously written code, then write the debug code.

With (Augmented Reality): Exaggerate virtual objects over the real world, whether using a video stream (webcam) or a direct visual field.

Big data : We collect and analyze all your personal data.

Blockchain : The database is distributed through a peer-to-peer network, and its stability, security, and performance depend on the goodwill of the participants.

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CDN (Content Distribution Network): In a word, we called it glass sites.

CMS (Content Management System): Thanks to the magic of the web interface, anyone can change the content of the application in a few clicks. In theory. In practice, the developer of the CMS in question does all the work because it is faster than once a year to log in and reset the passwords of untrained individuals.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Unable to enter customer data. Generally: Salesforce

Cloud computing : The application runs on the remote computer in the data center.

DeFi (Decentralized finance): The wet dream of cryptocurrency fans, in which banks and especially regulators are disappearing.

Devops (Developmental activities): Happiness confusion, in which the same individuals often create, test, and thank the Gilles method.

Interruption : Change the economic model that operates as an uncomplicated affair that does not make a single penny of profit.

Edge Computing : Application runs on your device / computer.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Unbreakable software for entering enterprise data. Generally: SAP

GaaS (Game as a Service): Endless Micro Transactions.

GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, et Microsoft): American gods

Chemistry : Add progress bars and add dummy targets to normal places.

GDD (Game Design Document): A document describing the rules of the game that have been repeatedly rewritten by the creators without the slightest budget or technical consideration.

Kick economy : Having full-time employees in a company, but considered self-employed.

IoT (Internet of Things): Transforming the simple and functional content of the Internet connection into a matter of necessity, using privacy protocol and getting regular updates.

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IPO (Initial Public Offering): Introducing a company into the stock market to pay a ton of money and make executives billionaires.

IT (Information Technology): In a company, ID refers to the people who maintain the park and computer network. Because they often have different staff tables, they are not there when you need them, and when you do color correction on a 17 “CRT, hide behind huge, sophisticated screens.

KBI (Key Performance Indicator): A general term that includes different indicators from one industry to another to measure a company’s success.

Metawares : MMORPG contains a lot of user content and micro transactions.

Mr. (Mixed reality): Same as AR, but it seems to be standard in the community.

Boss (Platform as a service): Use your GaaS or SaaS.

question and answer (Quality Assurance): Often ungrateful work, pointing out application errors to unresponsive and uncooperative individuals.

Quantum computing : Computers are very difficult to program, we do not fully understand its functions, and this is only for research projects.

Something 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 … : Name with version number that does not match anything real but looks nice in the middle article. Examples: Web 3.0, Industry 4.0 …

Reaction: Web development framework that prompts you to write three tons of code to build basic DOM components. Created by Facebook.

King (Return on investment): How much did you invest (time or money) and how much did you get back. In a sense, ROI is a KPI.

Sauce (Software as a Service): Endless subscriptions.

Scrum : Agile but more complex and a whole new vocabulary. Weekly meetings become “weekly scrum” and tasks become “sprints”. Even if you have a “Scrum Master” certificate, the other Scrum community will tell you that you did not perform everything correctly.

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Layer: dSince “I work on WAMP” is more classic than “I installed ECPHP on my Windows server”, its name is another set of software that creates an upgrade site.

Unicorn : A startup worth a billion dollars or more. Before the IPO it was purely fictional, but journalists like the word even though the so-called unicorns like Theranos have grown themselves beautiful.

UX (User Experience) Designer : Schizophrenic work requires working hard to create a fake application instead of creating an application.

XR (Extended Fact): Large dot that includes AR, MR, VR, WinRAR, CalamaR and SuperstarR.