April 18, 2024


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Raphaël Dénommé releases a short album in English

Raphaël Dénommé did not limit his words on the role of music in his life: “It saved me, it keeps doing it”He says.

The young, singer-songwriter was expelled from his high school. He is also experiencing problems related to drug abuse, which will lead him to treatment. Then art came into his life. “Music will always be as beautiful as it is in beautiful moments. ⁇

The artist is also enjoying the start of the year beyond his expectations, he is referring to any subject, not expecting anything. Well present in the moment, he is enjoying the release of his new EP, Heart Times and Broken Mind (Volume 1) on January 28th.

The suffering of love

Love, the common thread in all its beauty and misery: The mini album first approaches the birth of the sense of love, then moves towards decay, boredom, and then recovery. After the first EP in 2016 and the full album Bayou St-Laurent in 2018, this is the first time Raphaël Dénommé has released a work in English. Ever since he wrote his first song at the age of 17, he already has the urge to write in both languages.

Initially, the singer will continue to promote his album Bayou St-Laurent. But the epidemic has changed plans. So he used this idle time to work on his EP and record it. Raphael is also eager to find his audience in the coming days and weeks.

Encourage younger people

Shortly before the outbreak began, the artist bought a residence in Laurentians, Saint-Marguerite-to-Lock-Mason, where he has lived for almost two years. He wanted to get closer to nature.

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In the spring, he already plans to return to the studio to record a new album in French. Then, finally, release the second volume of Heart Times and Broken Mind.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter will have the opportunity to be an ambassador for the second-tier regional final in Laurence. This respect especially touches him.

“I’m happy to work with young people, get to know their interests and show them that there is no pre-established path in life.”