June 25, 2024


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Hot-Rin: He transforms an English bus into a food-truck pizzeria

Nowadays, restaurants and pizzerias abound. This is not surprising because people like to go to restaurants, order pizzas or go out to have a good time in a pleasant setting or to find world food. Matthew Mentor A big fan of “good food” and always dreams of having his own pizzeria. So he made his dream come true in the original way. In fact, he recently a London bus And re-fitted it as a “food-truck”. In its menu, it offers “Fish and Chips” and home-made pizzas that customers can enjoy on the terrace, inspired by British decor from the 1970s.

A dream comes true with a lot of effort and desire

Matthew Mentser moved the sky and the earth to find the best vehicle To its food truck. He hired an agent to help with his internet searches. Finally, he found what he was looking for in north London. He actually fell in love with the 1981 Titan Leyland. This double decker bus is 4.32 m high. At the time it was serving West Watford on the 802nd school line from Queens School. France Information Reports After purchasing this bus, the businessman started the changes by re-typing it and repainting it in red. It passed Brittany in France before arriving in Haut-Rin, where the fit of the bus was given.

A breathtaking change

Matthew chose A vintage decor inspired by the UK in the 1970s. To do this, upstairs, set the original benches back in red. To keep customers comfortable and friendly, he decided to place the benches face-to-face and with established tables. Also, he is the reason Each table is the name of an English football team. Besides these attractive decorations and lights, you should know that this bus, which has been converted into a food truck, can carry 20 to 25 people. On the other hand, the lower part of the Titan is dedicated to the leader.

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He founded a pizza maker’s workshop, a freezer for fish and chips and nails, as well as a laundry and storage facility. He did too Build a wood stove by a railway worker People even ordered to take the bench seat behind the driver. Of course, there is a cost to these changes: Matthew had to invest less than 80,000 euros. This change. He has also announced that he will not receive a salary until the end of this year and is committed to making a profit until then. Also, money is not a problem for him as he already works full time in a company in Ottmarsheim.

Another English bus turned into a pizzeria

If the comment reminds you of anything, it’s normal: a similar bus was already converted into a pizzeria a few years ago, the double decker restaurant Il Teatro Della Pizza. Watch the video below.