June 19, 2024


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Recruitment: Top 10 jobs that require fluency in English

Is it necessary to speak English fluently to get a job? If this certainly depends on the fields of operation, it is true that speaking English can make a difference in the CV. “In fact, although language proficiency is not mentioned in all jobs, it’s a real plus in the eyes of recruiters, and not just for positions that are more in demand than the offer,” said Monster’s spokesman Romain Quinta, a recruiting site.

According to a study by language learning site Babbel & Monster, 13% of jobs available in France require serious knowledge of English. Knowing how to speak this language is also advantageous for accessing long contracts, 70% of advertisements require English to be employed. CDI, According to the study. But some businesses need this skill more than others, to form partnerships abroad or to master a specific vocabulary in a field. Jobs in the ten professions identified by the Babel and Monster groups for capital often require proficiency in English.

The businesses of sales manager and product manager are at the top of the rankings, with 50% of advertisements requiring English training. Overall, jobs in the marketing and sales fields require proficiency in English, especially in business vocabulary. But these professions alone do not require bilingual skills: for example, the software engineer position is on the platform, and 42% of jobs in this industry are required. In fact, English is especially used in the field of information technology, where most of the vocabulary comes from Shakespeare’s language.

However, the company’s requirements for specialization in foreign languages ​​do not match the skills of most job seekers. Only 4% of the candidates registered on the Monster site claim to be fluent in English, with 85% of the majority believing they have an “intermediate” status. If your language skills wear out over time or you do not speak professional English, do not panic. Many English training can be funded through a personal training account Available for all levels.

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