May 19, 2024


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English through Theater at Pablo-Picasso College

English through Theater at Pablo-Picasso College

Pablo-Picasso College welcomed the Pickles Company to stage two plays with 4 plays in English e and 3 e .

Some of the students acted with two American actresses and an English actor in two plays titled Gossip and crime For the attention of 125 students in 4th e and 120 for 3 on opening night e A quarter of them adhere to a preference for European languages ​​and cultures.

Two plays and multiple levels of understanding for students, its cast highlighted the motivation and good level of English! “This is the fourth time this institute has come to Picasso College. This is a collaborative project I undertook with my fellow Englishman Manon Le Carré. These representations helped us see how they cope. They had a good test and were surprised to understand some of the pieces. The actors use a lot of synonyms and repeat a lot of sentences. The pieces are different every year, they are group works, on very different themes,” notes Claire Lalande, English teacher and initiator of this great initiative. “We regret that in view of the hourly allocations there will only be one LCE option group in Year 3 next year. e This year to Picasso instead of two,” lament the editors. This option allows students who choose to complete two hours of English each week in addition to the three hours per week scheduled in the program.

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