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13 English destinations for a successful language summer: Explore England with the Languages ​​and Cultures Club

13 English destinations for a successful language summer: Explore England with the Languages ​​and Cultures Club

Learn English this summer with Club Languages ​​and Civilizations: 13 English destinations for an unforgettable language stay

Invitation to Great Britain for 11 to 18 year olds: London, Brighton, Ipswich, Rochester, Oxford, Hailsham…

It is the dream of many parents to have a language stay across the channel, allowing your child to deepen their knowledge and practice the language in real-life situations.
This summer Club Languages ​​and Civilizations (CLC) is organizing over 40 stays in thirteen locations from several French cities in the UK. A wide selection that is sure to appeal to youngsters and their families.

CLC, a language specialist based in England

Club Langues & Civilizations, the front man of the Go&Live team, has been one of the pioneers of language accommodation since 1973. Trusted by over 2,000 schools leading the way in organizing school trips. CLC offers more than 40 language or discovery stays this summer to choose from in 13 locations in the UK: London, Brighton, Ipswich, Rochester, Oxford or Hailsham… Each stay includes English lessons, cultural visits and activity breaks, always supervised by CLC guides. Departures are possible on all summer holidays from June to August.
Perfect for exploring a language while discovering a city and another culture, immersion in a host family or apartment allows the child to gain oral fluency and be more independent, but live an unforgettable experience while being well supervised.

A feat the youth will never forget

With CLC, everything from English lessons to cultural and leisure activities is taken care of, giving families complete peace of mind. The benefits of this stay are many: not only will the children improve their English through intensive lessons and daily practice, but above all, thanks to a rich and varied program of activities, they will have the opportunity to experience unforgettable adventures in the company. They are friends. No time to be bored!

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Easy2UK™ or direct access to the UK, without the hassle of transport, with supervision throughout the journey

Historically, CLC has always been innovative in terms of transportation, providing pre-delivery and post-delivery solutions from medium and small cities.
This summer, CLC and Nacel, two iconic brands of the Go&Live Group, have created a network of direct TGV departure points to Lille from Bordeaux, Marseille, Avignon, Lyon, Nantes, Rennes for all young people traveling to the UK. , Paris, Metz and Strasbourg. Thus, families can drop off their child at the station with an attendant who oversees the journey to England. When they arrive in Lille, these mini-groups go directly to their Easy2UK™ hub, where transfer operators come to support the accompanying persons to board the Eurostar. Finally, upon arrival at London St Pancras International Station, a reporter checks the groups before directing them to their respective connections. A huge time saving of an hour and a half on average by reducing border crossing time.

Payment facility for parents

Club Langues & Cultures has partnered with Oney Bank to offer payment facilities. Payments can be made for stays in 3x 4x 10x 12x for amounts up to €3000.

Examples of accommodation in the UK: a wide selection of packages and accommodation

London Calling!

We no longer offer this legendary destination so popular in CLC. Discover its colorful houses, board the famous red double-decker buses, stroll through the Camden district or walk in Harry Potter's footsteps in London, the capital of cool, fun and trendy, never ceasing to fascinate young people!

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11 years to 7 to 13 days, can stay with a host family or apartment

Summer camps in Hailsham, Ipswich or Woodbridge

Accommodation in international accommodation from 10 years

Personalized family English lessons in Rochester

Group lessons of 4 students taught by native teachers from 11 years plus family accommodation and 3 days excursion

International Language School in Westgate-on-Sea and Bournemouth

Combines family accommodation or residence with English lessons at an international language school from age 12