May 22, 2024


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Fans think Zendaya was assaulted in a viral video

Fans think Zendaya was assaulted in a viral video

Just in case you’re curious about what Zendaya is up to, this article might be a slightly annoying update. The Euphoria star allegedly recently appeared in a whole new type of video and it’s going viral.

A video has gone viral showing a young woman hitting another girl. There is reason to believe that the girl who gets beaten up is the star of Spider-Man.

This seven-second clip doesn’t show a ton, but it does depict someone getting hit. Poor girl in a store somewhere. After the hit is over, some kicks are thrown for good measure. This pushes the woman back and hits her head against the wall.

The video is definitely a bit annoying. There is no context for the video at all, so no one knows where it came from. TMZ The video went viral for all to see and added to the theory that the woman looks like Zendaya.

It’s unknown if Zendaya is really getting beaten up here or even what’s going on. The screen shows the victim’s face for a split second and many fans believe that this is Zendaya as well.

We’ll keep our eyes on any official word from the Zendaya camp. Meanwhile, this video is definitely a stand-up to not being the real McCoy.

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