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Posted on November 24, 2021 at 5:00 pmUpdated November 24, 2021, at 5:44 PM

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From Brexit, to the question of fishing between France and the United Kingdom, everything has gone from bad to worse. Nearby 200 French artisan fishermen meet on the coast , Due to lack of intended licenses to work in British waters. The meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson during the G20 summit in Rome in late October did not change anything. If we know that between 2011 and 2015, France caught 100,000 tons of fish in the British Ocean or 24% of what is produced on France’s mainland, the loss is not trivial.

The You ride on both sides . The United Kingdom sent two warships in retaliation for protests by French fishermen on the outskirts of Jersey last May. France threatens to cut off power to Dover or block trucks The conflict is most politically motivated by the desire for Boris Johnson to express his sovereignty over its waters and the possibility of a presidential election for Emmanuel Macron.

Anger on both sides of the channel

And The French are at risk of losing their licenses , The worst are undoubtedly avoided. Bitterness is still high in business across the channel, which has many voters in favor of Brexit, promising that they are impossible. If the British waters were full of fish, the Europeans who saw it being consumed were in the forefront of Spanish and French. This matter is also on diplomatic grounds. Therefore, the fisheries file could be a lever to put pressure on France, especially on the Northern Irish issue.

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The Story is a podcast of “Echoes” by Pierre Faye. This episode was recorded in November 2021. Editor-in-Chief: Clemens Lemastre. Guests: Catherine Chattiknox (International Service Journalist for Echoes) and Ingrid Furstein (“Echoes” correspondent in London). Director: Willie Conne. Music: Theo Bowlancer. Graphic Identity: Upian. Photo: Nicholas Cariga / AB / SIPA. Sounds: Les Patapons, Le Petit Reporter, France 24, BFM TV, TV5 Monde, LBC Studios, RTS, LCI, Claude LE-QUANG, La Cambuse “August 31”.

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