April 20, 2024


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Govt-19 – As Christmas approaches, the British are calling for limiting their social interactions: should we already stop looking at people slowing down the Omigron variant?

As Christmas approaches, Boris Johnson’s government is urging Britain to cut back on social interaction as the country seeks to mitigate the effects of the Omigron variant. On the other hand, this Tuesday morning in La Manche, epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet called for “reducing our contacts.”

Dr Jenny Harris, head of the UK’s health care agency, said Tuesday (November 30) that “people can help prevent the spread of this variation.”Practice when not needed“Despite concerns about this variant Omicron, it is highly contagious, however, the Minister of Health has confirmed that the Christmas holidays will take place normally.

Govt Christmas 2021
Jenny Harris, CEO of the UK Health Security Agency & NHS Test & Trace, called for a reduction in the British community during Christmas; Friends and family should not meet “especially when not needed”. An excellent job title. pic.twitter.com/8eWr5cmH8c

– Jim Slater (@ 69mib_com) November 30, 2021

Continue your Christmas plans, the main thing is to save time in the variation to get real information from scientists.“Gillian Keegan urged people to get vaccinated.”A race against infection must be won by restricting social contact as much as possible“, He underlined.

Echoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments, he pointed out that the government was not considering amending the orders. “How should people spend Christmas“.

In France, this Tuesday, Professor Arnaud Fontanet, an epidemiologist at the Institute Pastor and a member of the Scientific Council, urged the French to reduce their social contact.10 to 20%“On a show about France Inter, due to the fifth wave of the Covit wave spreading across France.

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This “Small effort“, In his words, the trend of revival in France will slow to avoid overcrowding of hospitals, and therefore greater control measures to prevent epidemics.