June 18, 2024


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The blizzard bubbled the British for three days

Danny Lawson – PA Images via Getty Images

These Englishmen should not feel sorry for being trapped in a bubble for 3 days in the snow (photo of Dawn Hill in Bubble in Yorkshire Tales National Park, taken by Danny Lawson / PA Images March 2021 by Getty Images)

Unusual – they will undoubtedly remember this accident for a long time. The Hurricane Arwen killed two people And major damage in the UK. Bad weather prevented dozens of people Snow, At the height of Yorkshire Tales National Park, three nights. But they have, unfortunately, nothing to regret. Rather.

It was a festive evening at Tan Hill Inn, 528 meters above sea level, with the band Noasis paying homage to the oasis and more than sixty customers coming to enjoy the atmosphere. But the festivities lasted longer than expected, because outside, the Arven storm raged and a meter of powder fell on the building.

Impossible for clients, but the band of musicians, to go out, is relevant New York Times Dan Hill’s manager Nicola Townsend spoke. The latter explained that that evening, authorities advised people to be careful and avoid going on the road. With the intervention of rescuers some were still able to return home, especially those who were considered at risk. The BBC Specifically refers to the client’s emergency services in need of specialized medical care and parental support with their children.

Unforgettable memories and new friends

With the snowfall, customers finally spent not one night in the bubble, but three. The 40 customers who booked a room were able to sleep on the upper floors, and ten turned the living room into a temporary shared dorm. Fortunately, according to Nicola Downsent, the food at the hotel was not exhausted due to the availability for the winter.

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How to spend a weekend in a bubble? If we can imagine drinking for a few days, the reality is completely different. One of the rules established directly by the club’s boss is to control alcohol so that no one is drunk and social life is required in a small space. For others, board games, quizzes, and activities provided while watching cult movies such as karaoke Greece And Mother Mr.A.

“Everyone was in a good mood. Great atmosphere prevailed. The best way to describe it is to imagine having a party with all your friends, ”said Nicola Townsend. New York Times, Noting that some customers are already planning to meet again next year: “They met as strangers, but they will leave as friends”. These snowfalls are certainly not to be regretted.

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