June 18, 2024


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Puy-l’Évêque: Two Englishmen open a bar restaurant in La Cale, a “living space like consumption”

Since this summer, two Londoners have set up a community bar restaurant called La Gale on the shores of Latin. One of them, Drew Lewis, welcomed us to his bar. His knowledge of French is based on the fact that his employee, Danny Boganhegan, an American who lived in Lot for six years, worked as a translator.

What are the reasons for you to go to France?

With Charles Camus returning to England on a temporary basis, we greatly appreciate the French way of life. After buying a house in Belaye, we decided to put our suitcases at Puy-l’Evêque in this company.

Can you describe it?

The bar-restaurant is an essential room, but the adjoining tea room has a cozy look, with a large room on the first floor that can accommodate a variety of banquets and parties, as well as games rooms such as billiards, table football, board games, flipper … and the medieval part of the city. In both, the terrace offers a doubly wide view, not forgetting another terrace that dominates the harbors of the harbor.

What specialties do you offer to your customers?

As for drinks, there are more than forty different beers, including seven taps. As for our menu, it includes dishes from different countries: English fish and chips, but also French fried kambert, Japanese ravioli, Indian curries, burgers and pizzas. We like local products

Other than catering, what do you plan on doing?

We want our campus to become a place for meetings, discussions and activities. To protect the environment, on the first Sunday of each month we serve coffee to everyone who agrees to clean up the city using garbage bags. Another program is in the pipeline: yoga and painting classes. In short, living space like consumption.

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What about summer?

It turned out to be great and we hope the eight local youth we hired will be hired again next summer. Hours: Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 10pm. Friday from 3pm to midnight; Saturday from 12 noon to midnight; Sunday from 12 noon to 10 p.m. Our Customers International: Besides French, we get British, Dutch, American …

Contact: 05 36 04 03 17.