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Lisieux: The lab arranges cheap internships to advance in English

Lisieux: The lab arranges cheap internships to advance in English

The youth went to the village of Equitas in front of the basilica. (© Le Pays d’Auge)

From October 25 to 29, 2021, 25 young people aged 11 to 17 gathered at the Frémont High School boarding school in Lisieux (Calvados) for an “English immersion course” organized by Le Lab Lisieux Normandie. During the five days of the course, participants must exchange ideas in English.

“In the morning, young people follow the basic rules of the English language, especially workshops and courses on grammar,” explains Klose Michael, president of the association with Ann Blanchard. These courses are structured based on the level and knowledge of the group. They were led by a Mexican English teacher “moving Lisieux this year” and an American retiree, Chloé Michel overseeing the beginnings.

Without phone

“In the afternoon, we organize games, games, debates and debates in English,” the President adds: The Great Naval Battle, a trip to Equitas, discussions with bilingual nurses from the Cersa Zoo …

Another original feature of the lodge, “Mobile Detox”: “To ensure immersion in the English language, parents are requested to keep attached items, especially their child’s phones, throughout the week”.

20 All inclusive

For young people, these internships are a way to advance quickly in English and at a lower cost:

The learning camp system is set up by the government and allows you to request a code of 20 for one week, five days and four nights.

Chloe Michael

Food was taken from Foyer des young workers. The device appeals, “Our camp for All Saints’ Day is over in a few days”, Chloe Michael rejoices. The first editions took place at Le Robillard Agricultural School this summer. Next will happen in the spring, the location is not yet known.

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Workshops on Wednesday

After the holidays, the lab will host workshops every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm in a room at Notre Dame College: “Two hours in 100% English, led by a Mexican teacher, and one of our volunteers is on duty.” Chloe Michael reports. This is not a question of courses, workshops on various topics, discussions, debates … No preliminary registration, just enough to join the association (5 வருட per year for those under 26).

At the same time, the laboratory, which aims to “promote and support the international movement of youth,” continues its activities. The association was established on the IUT campus from the beginning of the school year: “We provide a schedule of activities, especially in Erasmus + and immersion courses in English”.

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