July 23, 2024


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Flormel.  Pumanoyer: A Friday under the banner of the English language

Flormel. Pumanoyer: A Friday under the banner of the English language

Modern Languages ​​Week ended Friday at the College Pumanoire. It is packaged into a Plastic Disciplinary program aimed at 5th year students and combines plastic arts and foreign languages. Through this Intermediate Practical Teaching (EPI) titled International Tasty Topics, students discover foods and create works of art related to them!

After the Spanish parable, then the German, which is the turn of the various Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries, is being honored this Friday, May 21st. Today’s restaurant and restaurant decor was chosen by a panel of 5 English teachers: Leila Ammi Ramirez, Sabin Lacombe, Julie LeBeau, Lauren Proul and Charlotte Loiso.

Leela Ammi Ramirez made college students work on 2 webcasts about British and American food. The students’ research is to find and collect information about the gastronomy of different Anglo-Saxon countries, without focusing on the famous fish and chips. “It allowed students to learn vocabulary and learn about the different cultures they encounter. They now know that Indian curry is the favorite menu in the UK. This study makes sense for learning…”, explains Leela Ammi Ramirez.

School students prepared posters with regular meals and desserts in British and American languages ​​during English lessons. Like the other days of the week, the kitchen staff went upstairs and beyond and embraced the multicultural menu of the occasion, with a starter and dessert appreciated by Americans and Englishmen! :

Starter: Golsla or cedar salad

Main course: Curry leaves, with mashed carrots

Dessert: Brownie – Cheesecake

This time again, the music to be aired during the break was selected, which could not work. A mix of traditional and contemporary music, chosen with a mix of genres and genres (UK, USA, Ireland, Canada …)

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