May 26, 2024


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The two brothers start an app to learn English while watching movies

The Marmignon brothers, originally from the North, started an application to learn English while watching movies. (© Mormignon Brothers)

What if you were watching Movies to improve your English ? It is the race of two brothers, Clotter and Corinthian Myrmignon Perlimont (North). So they introduced “e-dutainment” which connects the app with sweetness because it allows Learn English through Cinema.

This project was born out of double observation. “Our country is very synonymous with Europe. On the other hand, in terms of language learning, France comes lastThe average person in the world, especially in English, is on the rise, ”so the Myrignon brothers set up their own training system.

E-Damn, what is it?

We have told you in school that it is the best way to learn a language Ask for it with pictures in their original version. The Marmignon brothers wanted to digitize the idea and design it through e-tutorial, an educational application based on cinema, released on March 22nd.

Supported by Mike Coulter, especially the appearing actor Million Dollar Baby, Which has something to grab the attention of moviegoers, thanks to this application you can watch movies from valuable Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures Or even NBC Universal.

“We have been working with them for many years and we present our desire to work for education. Thank you for this We had the broadcasting rights. But be careful, you can’t stream images or download them from your account! Recalled Ore Corrent.

There are many levels

It is now possible to view images in their original version Netflix Or UGC card, but the difference with e-doctrine is teaching. basically International language certification benchmarks Like TOEIC Or CEFR, a “teaching team” oversees the operation of this application.

We have doctoral students in the researched subject who guarantee the quality of education according to the picture you see. At a time when epidemic has digitalized our teachings, this application is a teaching in its own right.

Corinth’s Myrmignon

Corinthian and Clotter then present their application as the perfect combination of “fun-teaching and gambling”. Between images and educational content, The purpose is that by looking at the pictures, the viewer can overcome the challenges presented in the language of Shakespeare. Case studies, academic papers to be read according to the theme of the film, TOEIC product tutorials or questionnaires, various activities aimed at improving one’s English.

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Many levels Different themes are available depending on your studies: “We will not provide you with the same images if you do com or economics”.

Discounts for students soon

Launched this year, the app offers 99 11.99 offer per month, Or 9 119.90 offer per person per year, On PC, phone or tablet. “Currently, we are working on formulas that are most suitable for large families or Student discounts At the beginning of the 2021 school year. We feel that application will be diversified and that not everyone has the same options. ”

Without being a state certified tutorial, this application should be viewed A personal endeavor. While it has become customary to look at the original version, e-training provides a framework for this practice.

Whether you want to be independent or seek supervision, it depends on your approach to English to find out if e-tutorial presents itself as an aid to your academic career.

Sarah Kelifi