May 24, 2024


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For good reason, an Englishman devours 124 kebabs in a month

For good reason, an Englishman devours 124 kebabs in a month

There are different ways than others… At the end of 2022, a 36-year-old Englishman decided to set himself a big challenge: Eat kebabs exclusively for a month. Every night, Tess breaks down four sandwiches — 124 for the entire month — and cuts a whopping 250,000 calories in the process.

According to an English tabloid

Glass, the man doesn’t even want to take a break during the holiday season. When he was at his mother’s house, he even skipped the traditional Christmas turkey to “make room” for kebabs. The £1000 he raised for charity justified this effort.

A sense of “duty accomplished.”

However, this “Kebabathan” tired him out. The father of two said “A sense of accomplishment“But to feel Physically and mentally“Damaged. She explained that she doesn’t want to do these kinds of food challenges anymore.

I enjoyed doing it, but it hurt me physically. I was upset. I didn’t eat fruits, vegetables, and didn’t pay attention to nutrition. […] The first two weeks were fun, but the last two weeks were very challenging not only physically but also psychologically“, he declared.

However, the man doesn’t claim to be averse to kebabs I planned to eat with friends next week.

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