February 25, 2024


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Timeless English Pubs – 1pm Newspaper

Timeless English Pubs – 1pm Newspaper

On a Sunday lunchtime in the English countryside, you can feel lonely on the streets. But where has Britain gone? Let’s listen and follow them behind pub doors. Sunday being roast beef day, the whole village seems to have met there. The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. It also inspired the French to nickname the English “Les Rosebiffs”. In England’s oldest pub, this tradition is revered religiously. In the kitchen, the chef cooks the meat himself. A good meal and good atmosphere. A visit to this over 900-year-old pub is guaranteed to be a second. There are almost 40,000 pubs in the UK. Dating from all ages, they come with the life of the British. They bring together people of all social classes and of all ages because, despite the slightly outdated decor, they have properties that are popular with young people. Pints ​​of beer from one pub to another are the queen drink. If pubs are a British icon, there is one exception. At the bistro in the heart of London, “The French House”, beer is replaced by champagne, pastis and cider. TF1 | Report E. Stern, L. Barbazanges

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