February 24, 2024


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Learn English while having fun with courses for kids at Lumni

Learn English while having fun with courses for kids at Lumni

Lumni, the educational platform, in partnership with Réseau Canopé and Bayard Animation, presents Essie, a series designed for elementary school students and young middle school students in grades 6 and 5. The purpose of this animated series Make learning English easy, an essential language in the National Education Scheme. Essie combines educational and fun methods Children Cycles 2 and 3.

Captivating characters and imaginative storylines

The series tells the story of a 10-year-old girl named Essie and her cat Nego. Each episode immerses children in Essie’s imagination, where she sets up fun, creative, original and educational scenarios. In English. Join these fantasy adventures Nursery Rhymes in EnglishIntegrates key vocabulary from each theme, making it easy for kids to memorize.

Ezzi, characterized by his creativity and humor, changes his appearance in every episode, adopting a unique outfit or a more colorful and exciting version of himself. Neko, her cat, transforms into these fantasy worlds, becoming a humanized character and Essie’s faithful companion.

Educational Resources and Educational Karaoke

In addition to the story feature, each episode offers a karaoke version of a nursery rhyme, andEnglish vocabulary learning for young students.

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