February 25, 2024


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She combines English and cows

She combines English and cows

Mahali Rambert-Bujia teaches English and French at the Georges Pompidou Agricultural High School in Aurilac (Cantal). An unusual “teacher”, interested in breeding.

“You know, we definitely teach with the head but with the heart! » says Magali Rambert-Bujia, surrounded by her Professional Bachelor finalists at the Aurilac Agricultural High School. The professor exudes infectious energy and enthusiasm. From the age of 10, she knew she would be a teacher.

Firmly committed to an innovative teaching path conducive to student development, she fills her four grandparents and two parents, all teachers, with pride! A holder of an agricultural caps (1), the young woman immediately likes the profile of students who are destined for an agricultural career.

“It was immediately a challenge to offer French and English lessons to them because there was no interest in these subjects during these two examinations. »

Flexible class

Determined to switch from “I’m looking for Brian in the kitchen” to “I’m meeting Brian in the barn,” Magali begins practical English lessons around the establishment’s sales cows. Vocabulary on morphology, genetics, scoring, weighting, etc. really inspires its professional undergraduate and BTS ACSE students (2). The production for TNLA (3), which he oversaw for five years, also sparked a renewed interest in Shakespeare’s language.

“Cow English” is checked by Agricultural Education Inspector. The French language also regains its noble characters in the hearts of young people “through a human and educational approach that pushes them to surpass themselves. » The flexible class that puts the high school student at the center of the educational system by encouraging autonomy, takes initiative and responsibility, and now replaces lectures.

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“Everyone finds their place and their own rhythm. Students gain self-confidence, says the teacher. They will need this not only to pass exams, but also in the use of their profession and the legitimacy of their image in society. Together we grow a field of pride. »

Monique Roque Marmes

(1) Certificate of Eligibility for Secondary Education Teaching. (2) Advanced Technician Certificate in Analysis, Management and Strategy of Agribusiness. (3) National Cup for Agricultural High Schools.