February 25, 2024


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Parliament wanted to remove English from society

Parliament wanted to remove English from society

A symbolic “attack” on Moscow. as said Le Figaro This Monday, the Duma, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, wants to stop the use of British and Western words in its society.

To this end, members of parliament are drafting a law that will require signatures or even product names in shops to be written in Cyrillic, and sometimes in Latin, from October 25. Also shop signs and posters in public places will be covered.

“The Russian language is under targeted attack by our enemies. In Ukraine, the Russian language is practically banned, even though it is their mother tongue for millions of people,” he said. President Valentina Matvienko explained last week. The Federation Council, the Russian Senate, echoed the comments Le Figaro.

An invisibility has already begun

This new law, if adopted, is a new step towards Vladimir Putin’s desired “Russification” of society. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian president has increased his attacks on the West during his speeches.

Last February, a law was adopted banning the use of English by Russian politicians and civil servants, according to the Russian Press Agency. Rhea Novosti.

The gradual invisibility of English has already begun in a country where young people have mastered the language. As reported France info Last May, in the Moscow Metro, stations were written in both alphabets from the 2018 soccer World Cup, the Latin alphabet gradually disappearing.

On the brink of war in Ukraine, Many Western brands have decided to leave Russian territoryThis leaves room for many fakes who have Russianized the name of these companies.

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