February 25, 2024


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How to improve the position of France?

How to improve the position of France?

EF, a language travel organization, publishes the results of the EF EPI, a global survey of English skills, every year. PPE stands for The English Proficiency Index analyzes data from 2.2 million non-native speakers in 111 countries and territories around the world.. The index is based on the EF SET English test, which assesses two skills: written comprehension and oral comprehension.

Results of the EF EPI 2023 study

  • Depending on the age : We are seeing an uptick among professionals, especially in the business world. Among 21-25 year olds, The trend has been downward especially since the onset of Covidwho has Probably played a role » In this breakdown, Kate Bell analyzes.
  • Gender specific : The trend is reversed between males and females. In fact, if previously women were at the top, men have often caught up with them surpass them. This can be explained by unequal access to education.
  • In France : The situation does not seem to have changed compared to the 2022 survey. In fact, France is at half a pole, as is Italy or Spain. lower status than their European neighbours.
  • In this world : Globally, France is a poor student and only ranks high 43rd in the worldIt is enough to question the methods of learning English offered in school.

“Finally Courage to Speak English”

According to the EF EPI Barometer, 60% of companies surveyed missed out on signing contracts due to lack of English language skills. At the launch of Barometer, English teacher Léa Vercellotti suggests a new method for the French to improve their English. The latter favors speaking directly over the traditional learning of irregular verbs without ever actually speaking. A frustrating situation that leads to missed opportunities or Decline in self-confidence. For the teacher, it is necessary to improve English by asking oneself why and how to find the motivation to speak English. He supports international mobility and language accommodation. To compensate for the gap at the French level compared to its European neighbours, it suggests an effective solution: Pareto’s Law. This principle is based on the idea that 20% of efforts yield 80% of benefits. Lea Vercellotti observes that English can be used to advance quickly. In fact, even though there are 1 million words in the English language, you can only express yourself fully by using them 10,000 words only. This new system is a Mood swings (Attitude) allows you to overcome a milestone, gain confidence and progress.

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