May 20, 2022


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Former England international Thomas Dussell says ‘it is ridiculous to replace Edward Mendy’

Thomas Toussaint’s decision to replace Senegal goalkeeper Mendy with Spain’s CEBA in Sunday’s EFL Cup was criticized by Jamie Rednapp, who, according to former England player Edward Mendy, was expected to remain in the nets during the penalty shootout in the final against Liverpool.

Chelsea lost to Liverpool in the final of the EFL Cup, especially by Englishman Jamie Redknapp: ” I do not like it, it’s a bad idea.The former England international has been dropped from Sky Sports.

Englishman Jamie continues ” How can we say that we would not have won if Mendy had been on goal? This is nonsense, this is nonsense – he did not even approach a sentence. Mendy is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and instead you bring Keba, which is ridiculous. ⁇

As a reminder, the former Bilbao goalkeeper did not stop any shots of the Liverpool players during the penalty shootout, which in turn missed his attempt at fitness and allowed the opponent to win the final. Duchess’ decision to replace Edward Mendy with a more appropriate one was felt on social media, with Chelsea Blues supporters not counting on their coach.


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