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France-England in 6 Nations: “Because it's English, it adds a bit of flavour…” Gregory Aldrid impatient to face XV de la Rose

France-England in 6 Nations: “Because it's English, it adds a bit of flavour…” Gregory Aldrid impatient to face XV de la Rose

As the French XV prepare to host England on the 5th and final day of the 6 Nations tournament in Lyon, this Saturday March 16, captain Gregory Aldrid spoke about the England vs England match.

France's XV will be looking to end the Six Nations on a positive note, beating England, “our best opponent”, captain Gregory Aldrid explained on Friday.

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Great match against England…

In terms of rugby, it's like any other competition for us. But with all this enthusiasm… for the supporters, for all the French people, this is our greatest enemy. They love this match, so it's special for us too. There is a lot of excitement in the group. Playing an international match in France is always an exceptional moment. It gets even more exciting, especially against a team that is determined to come here and win. Since it's English, it adds a bit of flavor. Can't wait until tomorrow! We want to send everything we have.

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What inspires you about this excellent England team?

They played very well in the World Cup: some will talk about an easy schedule but third place in the World Cup is not easy. You need to be tough and resilient throughout the duration of the competition. Then, in the competition, good and bad for them. A little like us (smile). But last week (against Ireland, editor's note) they proved they can compete and are gradually getting back to the level they expect. We have been warned. With experienced players like Maro Idoje, Don Cole, Jamie George, we know it will be a very solid match against the best. They also have very hungry players like a third line or a Kenge and Smith. We have been warned, this is going to be a very competitive race. To me, their biggest risk is their defense. They proved that they have a very aggressive defense, which comes very hard. They have talent at all levels.

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What is at stake in this match? A win against England would change the Blues' record in the tournament.

For us players, the goal is to win. Some will play this summer, while others will play until November. Again, you never know what will happen and you have to make the most of every moment. We want to play for our supporters and our families. And then, of course, there's the ranking: even if it's second place, or even possibly first place, it's still important to be at the top of the table.