June 16, 2024


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France plans to make English the most common language and use French at EU meetings

France is reportedly planning to use its EU presidency to overthrow English as the most widely spoken language.

It is said to be used in his mother tongue meetings when Emmanuel Macron’s government takes over the rotating presidency of the European Council next year.

Emmanuel Macron wants the EU to speak its languageCredit: Reuters

One source told the Daily Telegraph that France would invest money in free language courses for foreign diplomats to learn French.

Clement Peூன்on, the French Minister for Europe, declared: “While the French language is alive and well, its teaching is growing all over the world, it still affects us within European institutions.

At the Commission, Council, Agencies, Organizations and Administrations, meetings are now mostly held in English, which leads to reports in English, although this language is no longer the language of the two member states.

Like his predecessors, Macron spearheaded efforts to inspire people around the world to learn French.

French is one of the three official languages ​​of the European Union, including English and German, among the 24 official languages ​​spoken by the Alliance.

It was the dominant language in the European Union, but when Eastern Europe merged with Europe in 2014, English became the preferred language.

But its dominance is in danger as Brexit leaves only Ireland and Malta as English-speaking EU countries.

An EU envoy told the Telegraph that letters from the European Commission had not been answered in English.

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