July 23, 2024


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Palma: Learn English fluently, with ECPA

Palma: Learn English fluently, with ECPA

Like all associations, the ECPA (Listening, Understanding and Speaking English) is preparing to return to school. It will be a question of renewing a one-year health crisis-affected bond with members. The organization was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to learning English for adults. “It’s mainly a question of developing oral skills to allow students to learn in a travel environment: to manage a situation at home. Hotel, order restaurant, understand guided tour, manage airport, metro or bus, but communicate with non – French speaking nieces and nephews. Provide maintenance activities and have a community connection, “said Oliver Souvelt, the club’s coach.

“Build Confidence”

The members of the ECPA, which is divided into a dozen groups of ten, meet each week on a campus provided by the city of Palma, “without which we would not be able to count many members,” Oliver Souvelt insists. Whether they are retirees, students or interested, they want to communicate in the language of Shakespeare. Method: Oral training. “Through conversations or role-playing games, whether in games, discussions, situations or even groups in teacher-student exchange,” adds the coach. He added, “It’s about cultivating oral confidence and allowing learners to learn about their skills and abilities. It involves evaluating abilities rather than highlighting mistakes.” Oliver Suelet has been studying at the university for 25 years, but also in business, tourism, commerce, catering or hotel.

ECPA, English courses for adults. Prices: 5 295 per year for weekly sessions (payable in three installments). Intensive courses offered on All Saints’ Day and in the spring. Information: 06 86 28 45 68 or [email protected]