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This Franco-English couple revives the swing of the 1920s in the castle of Codent.

This Franco-English couple revives the swing of the 1920s in the castle of Codent.

Emma and Paul in vintage outfit. Music and dance are all … (© Goren Gallier)

In a lounge Montwason Castle, In Saussemesnil-Ruffosses (Some), You can dive straight from the 1920s to the 1940s. Furniture, music, atmosphere and even the owners’ clothing are all there to pick you up at the right time.

What the campaign is all about is amazing Cotentin Small gems are often brilliantly sheltered by green screens, which are an alley, with nothing to guess at the end, sometimes allowing strange, unexpected, wonderful encounters. With Paul Colette and Emma Newton, we serve (well):

“We bought this 19th century palace in late 2016. Since then, we have been constantly updating it. We create coat and guest rooms there. It was a dream come true for us, Paul adds, I love France, its art of life அதன் and its cheeses! “

4,000 78 RPM records

He was an Englishman from the suburbs London, Worked for an automobile manufacturer Swing. He is a Franco-British documentary filmmaker BBC, Was born in Paris to a father from Barbados who played the jazz piano. So make sure these two have some things in common.

“We met on a dance floor,” they laugh. Paul did not make Emma the clumsy boy who would set foot on his date to get his attention. “He’s a great dancer! », She praises. Further Collector of the 78s.

The famous Art Deco lounge shows several tight rows of these old records with leather chairs from Montwason. How much does he have? Maybe 4000.

“In the 1920s and 30s, my grandparents danced in their dining room listening to the radio on the radio. My love for jazz and the desire to collect records from this era is totally not a blueprint. They sent this to me. When I was a teenager, I started this set that was evolving over time. In terms of, it is undoubtedly one of the most important in the world. There are audio recordings, pre-1920s dating and electrical recordings. I usually buy it in second hand stores, here, in France, through friends, in the UK, USA, Sweden, there are people who give me 78s because they have no devices to watch them. “

Paul College
In front of their Montserrat fort.
In front of their Montserrat fort. (© Goren Gallier)

Hollywood consultant

Paul, yes. He designed the turntables for his use with the help of the engineers of the American company Victor.

“We had to create an adequate texture that makes the sound audible and sweet. Otherwise, it’s like grinding bacon in a pot!”

Paul College

All of this makes the director and producer Boss Luhrmann (Gatsby is awesome Avec Leonardo DiCaprio, Red Mill With Nicole Kidman…) invited his knowledge to some of his films.

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Frenzied Balboa

Paul also rode eleven years ago Jazz Club Popular in the English capital, where you go in vintage outfits.

“Due to the epidemic, the mouth-filled congestion (name of the club in question, the editor’s note) continued to live on, making people dance online once a month. Even though we come here often, it will continue to work with the team there. “

Emma Newton

This time, his mate takes the 78 RPM record from its yellow card and places it in the fully recovered record player. Rarely do the first notes of a happy musician engage our couple in a frantic balboa. Yes, it goes back home in the depths of the countryside, in Montwason.

Montwason: Jazz and Cora in the Castle

Sunday, July 11 (8:30 pm), is one of the evenings of the Chato de Montwason 2021 shows and Walloganis show. With “Slap of Jabir”, Jazz and Kora go hand in hand. This creation brings the two pillars of the company together
Don’t say no, you laughed, Simon Deslandus (trumpet, bubble) and Nicholas Talbot (double bass), Philip Boud Todd (drums), Rafael Quenchen (saxophones) and Didier Duffer (cora (s), with rhythm). They will provide an encounter between traditional music and contemporary jazz.
For those interested, Paul and Emma can welcome them to visit the park from 6.30pm, drink at the pop-up bar and go on a tour of the site.


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