July 14, 2024


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We are happy to use these 10 words in “Franklys”

We are happy to use these 10 words in “Franklys”

Whether foreigners or not, there are many popular French language instructors. Its use has become so common in our daily lives that we sometimes do not even realize it. Between words used to make “cool” and words that are not translated into French, the expression “franclaces” is left out.

We asked our partner and expert about this. Live-English.net To draw up a complete non-exhaustive list of words commonly used in the most trendy language at this time: French.


Because we tend to forget it too much, but “support” is actually an English word! The French equivalent may seem “southern” but quite frankly, are you a supporter of the Southeast or the Blues?


Best example of Franklis above all: weekends. If you find the equivalent in Moliere’s language, let us know and we are interested.

Increase Bost

“How do you increase your energy in the morning?” “It’s not so elegant” How do you kick yourself in the morning? “?


“Hurry”: Another word widely used on this page of the channel is “hurry” despite its exact equivalent in French.

“A date”

The word “flirt” which already came from Fr Anglais has been changed to qualify for a romantic date by “date” among the younger generation. “Crush” is a discourse field that is already well-versed with the English language, as it may also mean.

«No way

While the word “impossible” is very workable, we want to make it look younger and cooler by using the Fr English “no way”, which is so stylish!

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Update Update

Like the verb “upgrade,” one of the most commonly accepted verbs here is to obey the rules of our own rules: incredible!

“A Brunch”

Here again, Anglicanism is well integrated into the French language, the origin of which we sometimes forget. Once upon a time, the meaning of this word had its English etymology, so it was not equivalent in French.

“Buying in store”

At the beginning of the word “shopping” means “going shopping” in the subjects of Elizabeth II, the inhabitants of France say that the reason for the purchase of clothing in particular, the expression “go shopping” is commonly used for food.


Again, while the word “challenge” is quite adequate and fulfills its role correctly, we often prefer the word “challenge”. Go find out why …