February 26, 2024


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French rock and English wine

French rock and English wine

And it kicks off with the trio’s newest piece, “Promise Le Seal.” Delgres Now released. There we find this electric blues that makes their mark, but fresh in the bass. The song announces the next album, which is planned for early 2024. French and Creole go well with the guitar, further proof that rock is not for the exclusive use of English.

You know the formula:

“French rock is like English wine”

Although it has not been proven that John Lennon actually uttered this phrase, it has long served as a powerful argument for all French-speaking rock detractors. People who forget very quickly that they vibrated to the sounds of Mano Negra, Taxi Girl or Rita Mitsuko, then there was Noir Desir and Bashung, and before that Nino Ferrer and of course Johnny.

Say it all: the history of the groups, the venues (from Golf Trud to Care des Mines) the labels (from New Rose to Tricatel), festivals like Mont-de-Marsan, how cities like Bordeaux , Rennes or Lyon count in this great rock history of France, what the punk movements are. , the youth of modernism… Everything is lined up before your eyes in a big yellow and blue book (I should say Or-Azur. Reviving the image of French rock): Rock France: 60 Years of Guitar and Electric (Ed. Marabout-Radio France)

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But first the new releases: what’s coming out and what to listen to?

It’s Not Complicated: The Album That Has Panicked Rap Counters in Recent Days JosemanLet’s listen to “Les Flammes” now on the playlist.

Do you know Psytrons? Mexican DJ Mantragora Passes through France today evening in Lille. New Head Page: Kenya Kabyushe The stage at the festival (between Tyler the Creator and Strome) is not to be missed African. Then back to business Libertines. Together with Peter Doherty and Carl Barratt, the name Libertines pays homage to the Marquis de Sade, showing that English rock also owes a debt to our literature.

And a singer who instantly loves words and sounds French and rolls like no one else: Etienne Tahoe.

Touring across France, Tahoe is the subject of a beautiful book, a kind of description of his latest album “Tirer la nuit sur lesétoiles”: Dahoe Arts Attraction By Sebastien Monod.

There will be Etienne Daho Next Monday at France Inter (The concert is sold out and will be broadcast on December 17 at 5pm on France Interpol)

Broadcast Topics:

Delgres “Promised Heaven”

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Etienne Daho “Lighthouse (Remix by Keifus Ciancia)”

Gabriel’s “Angels & Queens”

Bad Rabbit “Monaco”

Joseman “The Flames”

Beirut “Nantes” (2007)

Starshooter “The Lilac Puncher” (1978)

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine “Lorelei Sebasto Cha” (1982)

Jim Jones “Kimmy the Grease”

The Libertines “Run Run Run”

Kabooshe “These foods aren’t going to do themselves.”

Cécile McLorin Salvant “Wuthering Heights (Kassa Cum Remix)”

MC Ingrid & Mandragora “Wabo Wabo (Remix)”

Dudu Tassa & Johnny Greenwood “Djit Nishrab (feat. Ahmed Toma)”