April 18, 2024


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Gay-pop idols like to speak English like Jenny from Blackbinking – here’s why

K-pop iconic language teachers revealed why many of their students say they prefer to speak English BlackpinkFrom Jenny.

| en jennierubyjane / Instagram

Recently, Hyo Woo Seong– CEO JigohAnd and Dasom, English teacher at the company, guest on a chapter Come“How Defenders”. JIGOOUH specializes in foreign language services for idols, so they know one or two things about the English language.

Hyo Woo Seong (left) and Tasom (right) | YO / YouTube

In the video, Jenny’s English accent touches on the title. The user was surprised to learn that there are different types of English accents.

I have heard that Jenny’s English accent is a dialect. Is this true? New Zealand dialect? I do not know that there are dialects in English.

– Korean net-citizen

Tasom considered Jenny to have an American and New Zealand accent, while Rose had an Australian accent.

Each country has a different English accent. Rose speaks a beautiful Australian accent. Jenny’s accent is New Zealand and American. For New Zealand and Australian accents, you did not pronounce the last song clearly. With American accents,War“With Australian or New Zealand accents. ‘Vote.

– Dasom

Hyo Woo Seong commented on Jenny’s English proficiency, ” Jenny speaks good English.

Because of Jenny’s fluent English and beautiful accent, many idols want to speak like her. However, Dasom explained that they always try to match their students’ accents with their respective characters.

So a lot of people tell us we need to speak English like Jenny. We find the appropriate pronunciation for each member’s character and teach them with different accents.

– Dasom

Learn more about English in the K-Pop field in the full video below!

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