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Languages, Literature, Regional Foreign Culture English in the public terminal

Final year plan

Cultural program of the class At the terminal The study is divided into sections and arranged around three themes:

Theme “Concepts and Debates in the Arts”
Lesson 1: Art and Competition
Lesson 2: Art under discussion
Lesson 3: The Art of Debating

Theme “Self-expression and construction”
Study Axis 1: Expression of Emotions
Axis 2 of the study: Positioning itself
Lesson 3: Beginning, Learning

Theme “Travel, Territories, Borders”
Study 1: Exploration and Adventure
Study Axis 2: Anchor and Inheritance
Study Axis 3: Migration and Deportation

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Evaluation criterion

By the end of the final year of writing, you should know master exercises like tutorials Written system, The Summary of documents, The Comment Or Summary of the text (Be it the text or literature of civilization) and translation. Throughout the year your learning will strengthen your own critical judgment and build aesthetic sensitivity. Your assessment will also be done Reading and analysis skills, The complete works in the program and within the framework of the course for the juices and texts you see in class.

Like any other special education, you are a Personal file (Or portfolio) This is made up of documents found in class and documents of your choice. You will make a cost Final Selection Coefficient16. Note that questions may be related to this special teaching during Grand oral. At the end of the terminal, the C1 level is expected.

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What are the opportunities?

LLCER Special Education English The best for higher education prepares you, especially if you decide to continue learning languages. By choosing a university course: an LLCER or LEA (Applied Foreign Languages) license, for example, has the opportunity to extend your high school specialization!

Outside of teaching, the most common openings are translation, interpretation, teaching and tourism. But be aware that many avenues like international trade or marketing are possible.

Finally, the LLCER will give everyone who wants the weapons they need to prepare for the international movement.

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