June 18, 2024


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Streaming brings joy to an English county

Thanks to the explosion of streaming, the quiet English county of Hertfordshire rubbed its hands. About thirty kilometers north of London, the small town of Broxbourn and its approximately 15,000 people will soon be shocked to find vast movie studios: Sunset Studios covers an area of ​​about 37 hectares, on the edge of small grains.

“To this extent this place was really our first choice,” said AFP Victor Coleman, director of Hudson Pacific Properties, co-financing the project with Blackstone Fund. With delays accumulated during the development and epidemics of sites like Netflix, existing studios sank quickly this summer, paving the way for expansion. Although the world and thousands of kilometers have separated Hoodbolic Hertfordshire from Hollywood, this English part that is already obsessed with cinema is becoming a true hub of industry.

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Investment of over 800 million euros

With its cinematic heritage and industrial infrastructure, Victor Coleman believes the region has the potential to become a “production area that people want to attract”. The county, with a population of approximately 1.2 million, has been providing major Hollywood productions for decades, with the original “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” trilogy affiliated with Elstree Studios. Other major studios, such as the Warner Bros. site in Lewston, which is famous for its “Harry Potter” franchise, have already been set up there.

But the “frenzy of content hunger” worldwide has accelerated things and prompted Hudson to invest மில்லியன் 700 million (18 818 million) in Pacific-Sunset Studios, which owns the studio. The new campus, which will take two and a half years to be licensed, can have up to 25 levels to accommodate all types of filming, but is specifically targeted at companies such as Amazon and Apple.

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Movie products are now considered “secondary” by studio operators compared to products for the TV series or streaming giants. Coleman says Proxford’s largest studio, built in conjunction with the country’s busiest highway, will provide the “size, connectivity and capacity base” needed for such products.

There are 4,500 jobs

For the district, in addition to plans to expand other studios, this is a boon: Sunset Studios is expected to create more than 4,500 jobs and bring பொருளாதார 300 million (மில்லியன் 350 million) a year to the economy. From Hertfordshire. About thirty kilometers west of Brooksboro, the Dagoram district is also a must-see shooting spot. With its beautiful countryside, bizarre villages and modern city centers, the district has played with the diversity to offer numerous products in recent years, including Ricky Kerwais’ series “After Life” (Netflix).

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Joe Beckett says Hertfordshire has finally “felt it was on its doorstep”, responsible for identifying shooting locations for large productions. According to her, this is, above all, the development of Warner Bros. Studios, built on an airport from World War II, which has excited the region to the point where it has become a “hub” or a “hub”. Leading Hollywood player. “The difficulties and high costs associated with filming in London (congestion, people on the streets) pushed filmmakers to abandon capital in favor of the” golden triangle “in the west of the city, which stretches from Hertfordshire to Shepherdon, says Ian Heard, in charge of scouting.

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For this Cernier, producers now prefer to shoot in less than forty kilometers from their site – mostly studios – to control their costs, which has benefited the region. “Everyone wants to be easy,” he says succinctly, so “it’s about the costs … and keeping them low”.