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Generation 2000: Steffi Solomon, a journey guided by a passion for English and art

Generation 2000: Steffi Solomon, a journey guided by a passion for English and art

At 30, Steffi Solomon, passionate about the English language, teaches at a new bilingual daycare where art plays a central role in the children's daily lives.

In English… or ceramics… Steffi is keen to pass on her knowledge. For a young audience, teaching should be fun. Caribbean Languages ​​Club is a bilingual learning daycare in the Bombay section of Saint-Francois.

We really want them to be more comfortable with languages, and Kiki doesn't feel this barrier that we sometimes have with language.

The association opened its doors in October last year and Steffi teaches in her mother tongue.

Dominica is the island of my heart because my mother and my grandmother are from there. They come from Kalibishi village where we still have our family home.

Here learning takes place from the Caribbean context. The origin of this bilingual club is Spanish coach Indira. The two women have known each other for three years and their passion for languages ​​brought them together around this project.

Her spontaneity, her naturalness and creativity, she has a feeling with languages ​​and children that makes her a little extra.

Bubbly, passionate and resourceful, Steffi is above all a one-world coach who never stops learning.

I was really looking for myself. Personal search. What do I want to do, what do I want to do in life? Because usually, when leaving high school, we ask this: What do you want to do as a career for your future life? And I don't have an answer. I don't think I have a complete answer yet. But anyway, I decided to go towards what I'm most passionate about, which is teaching and actually with children or intergenerational exchange.

The 30-year-old is also an artist. He studied art in Paris. Also, five years ago, he trained in pottery in Guadeloupe.

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The association opens its doors during the school holidays and then plans to contact parents and au pairs. Steffi and Indira want to train generations of young Guadeloupeans in Caribbean culture.