April 20, 2024


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The Oxford English Dictionary has chosen ‘Vax’ as the word of the year 2021

Dictionary experts at the Oxford English Dictionary have declared “Vox” the “Best Word of the Year” for 2021. The title aims to summarize the year in one word that speaks of the world fighting back against the Govt-19 epidemic. Vaccines. According to Oxford Language’s annual ‘Word of the Year’ report, the use of the word ‘vax’ gained momentum in January this year, and in September it was 72 times higher than the previous year. The report includes several derivatives created by the use of the word vax site, vax cards, get vaxx, entire vaxx, vaxxie, etc. Very striking Vox, ”the report says. According to the report, the use of the word “vax” as used today – to refer to a vaccine or vaccine – dates back to the 1980s. However, the origin of this word goes back to a very old word. The vaccine, from the early 1800s, is an abbreviated form of vaccine supplier. Until the use of the word increased this year, the word was relatively rare on the Oxford Languages ​​Corpus, the report said.

The Oxford Language Dictionary defines wax as a vaccine or vaccine. As a verb, wax is defined as “vaccinating” or “treating (anyone) with a vaccine to build immunity against a disease”. The dictionary also defines informal words derived from “vax” such as vaxxie, vax-a-thon, vaxcation or vaxication, vaxdar, vaxinista, vaxxident.

While Vaxxie is a vaccine selfie commonly posted on social media, vax-a-thon is a vaccine event that gives immunity to a large number of people. Vaxdar is defined as a person’s supposed ability to tell if someone else has been vaccinated, and Vaxxident, defined as a vaccine – related accident, has humorous overview.

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The report, entitled “Vax, A Report in Vaccine Language”, discusses the evolution of the use of vaccine – related terms. The report covers regional variations of the rules in other languages. For example, the Hindi word “deeka” in this statement and the similar Urdu word “deeka” are included as variants of this word.

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