May 22, 2022


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A new English school in Angouleme

The first step school in English will open in L’Houmeau in September. He suggests learning Shakespeare’s language with a playful side.

Kate Watson has a head at work, but is happy. 3 rue In AndrĂ©-Lamaud, in L’Houmeau, an English girl opens a first step school from September. The first of these is Angulim, which has already opened five companies in the city of Bordeaux. “The goal is to train adults and children through embracing teaching.” I.e. courses based on speaking practice to enjoy speaking English. In three different rooms, the first step is to welcome children, teenagers and professionals.

Neo-Angomois is well aware of this audience: “I have spent most of my career in vocational training between tours and poitiers. I have a lot of experience in the field.” This summer, the school will be hosting outdoor workshops on Lake Saint-Yrieix. In total, it can accommodate 120 to 130 people a year.

Information: or 06 70 44 41 01.

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