May 30, 2024


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Google Search Becomes Your Personal English Teacher With AI “Speaking Coach”!

Google Search Becomes Your Personal English Teacher With AI “Speaking Coach”!

It will help users improve their speaking English skills using AI.

An interactive experience for daily practice

As Google explains, “Speech practice” There is no intention to teach English from scratch. On the other hand, the application should allow the learners Practice their knowledge through everyday situations. The tool provides “Interactive experiences powered by AI” Using new words in familiar contexts with concrete examples.

Gradual deployment in multiple countries

For now, there is no “speaking practice”. Only available in a limited number of countries, namely Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela. However, Google has plans Its deployment should be gradually expanded to other areas. Note that users who want to try this feature now have to Enroll in the Search Lab program.

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A feature accessible from Google Translate

To access “Speaking Practice”, Nothing else Simple : Make a translation to or from a Google search in English Android device. a button”Try an example” will then give you access to the speaking training tool. This allows for natural integration Seamlessly combine translation and training.

A complement to existing tools for learners

This new addition is coming It complements the efforts already made by Google to make learning English easier. We recall that at the end of last year, the company actually launched a similar tool that allows you to practice conversation in this language. “Speech practice” This is part of the same approach, this time focused on building AI They offer highly realistic and personalized visuals.

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AI for Language Learning

With this New feature, Google Proving once again the potential of artificial intelligence Enrich your search engine user experience. By leveraging the capabilities of generative AI, the company manages to create interactive and contextual learning tools. All these promise a A very deep and useful experience for English learners.