February 25, 2024


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Harburg-Wihr.  Christmas Worship in English

Harburg-Wihr. Christmas Worship in English

Colmar’s English-speaking community presents its traditional Advent and Christmas carol service on Tuesday, December 12, at the Protestant Church of Harborg-Viher.

In 1989, Mandy Pease, a British national who lived in Harburg-Viher for thirty years, started this original meeting, which is very popular among Anglophiles and English speakers.

This Christmas carol service is inspired by the traditional Christmas Eve service from King’s College, Cambridge University and broadcast by the BBC around the world. It certainly alternates between reading texts in English (prayers, Bible extracts) and Christmas carols.

Rev. the priest of Horbourg-Wihr and Bischwihr. VĂ©ronique Spindler and the priest of Saint-Alban Anglican Church in Strasbourg Rev. Dr. The service is celebrated by Mark Barwick. Christmas carols are performed by Free Sounds, an English-speaking women’s choir directed by Agnes Keller. A worship sheet allows everyone to follow along and participate.

Tuesday, December 12, at 7:30 p.m., in the Protestant Church of Horborg-Vihr.

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