May 27, 2024


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Hautes-Pyrénées: The “so British” and mad festival of the English highlands!

Hautes-Pyrénées: The “so British” and mad festival of the English highlands!

Jason Riley, a teacher at Widowe who teaches French to new Anglo-Saxons, naturally thought it would be nice to invite his students to the Queen’s Celebration evening, 70 years after Elizabeth II’s ascended the throne of Great Britain. Commonwealth of Nations.

Of course, Jason, with his irrelevant style, chose the theme of the evening: “Kings, Queens and All Things”. So, among his guests were the “Emperor” penguins, King Richard the Lionheart and Charles I of England (without a head of course), the singer of Queen Freddie Mercury wearing a miniskirt with her vacuum cleaner, King and Queen. Hearts of Alice in Wonderland and even a footballer at the Reading Club “Royals” near Oxford. Jason greeted his guests warmly.

Jubilee celebrations this week have touched Britain around the world. By Thursday they were all in front of their televisions watching the parade outside Buckingham Palace, and on Saturday Jason and his friends planned to watch a concert attended by several British and international stars.

The Queen is very famous, she is the most respected head of state and head of the church, but she does not exercise any political power, she is a masterpiece. Around the dry, as far as decoration was concerned, the English were prudent. An Englishman living in Troy agreed: “We do not want to offend our French neighbors.” The “good understanding” promoted by Napoleon III and the current Queen’s great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, is even more apt! The English community here is very closely intertwined, they know how to have fun, and with a lot of humor, they have mastered the art of “very British” self-mockery.

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